Hila Fenlon

Biker / Farmer

A mother of two and a resident of Netiv Ha Asara on the border of the Gaza strip. Hila’s children sleep in a bomb shelter and she wants peace with Palestine. She fears for her family’s safety in the current climate. During the recent conflict of Operation Protective Edge, Hila would frequently find tunnels in the back of her garden dug by Hamas Militia. With the extreme danger of her family’s living situation, and the recent boycotting of Israeli products, her life as a farmer on the border of the Gaza strip is in question. Hila is faced with the age old question: “Should I leave or should I stay. But where would I go?”

Hila’s four grandparents, who came from Lithuania, escaped to Palestine at the start of the Second World War, leaving their families behind. All their relatives were murdered in the Holocaust. With the extreme danger of her living situation, Hila is faced with the same dilemma: should she too flee her home?

“I am coming for the passion for the biking. I think it is a twist of fate that I am today nearly in the same situation than my grandparents were in back then in Lithuania. If I leave my home, I will never be safe anywhere again as a Jew in this world.”


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