Gal Marom

Architect / Biker

Gal’s grandfather, Solomon Adir, was one of the original Maccabiah Riders of 1935. He was 21 when he joined the expedition taking off from the British Mandate of Palestine to spread the word for the 1938 Games. This event was never to materialise. The journey took the riders from Europe to the USA and Canada. Their mission became a show of strength against the 1935 Nuremberg Laws. I came on this trip to honour the man who raised me and infected me with his love for biking and the Maccabiah”. This journey allowed me to close my personal circle in memory of my grandfather”.

What is your name?
Gal Marom
How old are you?
Are you married/in a relationship?
Married to Efrat Rayten
Do you have children?
10 years old son Omri and 7 years old daughter Abigil
What are their names?
Omri and Abigil
What do you do for a living?
I’m an architect
Were you born in Israel?
I was born in Rehovot but raised in Tel Aviv
Are you religious?
If not, why?
I was born to a non–religious family
How long have you been a biker?
About 10 years
When did you first fall in love with bikes?
From my early childhood, I was raised by my grandfather who told me the stories about the bike trip that took place in 1934 for the second Maccabia games, he was one of the 11 bikers, in my opinion the young one at the age of 21 years old.
Why do you like being a biker?
This is my way of life, feeling and living the environment and all the surrounding area with all my senses.
What bikes do you own and why?
BMW gs1200
What is your dream bike? And why?
The same, I’m lucky that I was able to fulfil my dream bike.
Do your friends and family support you being a biker?
Yes, they are, even my children.
How often do you travel on your bike?
My bike is my first and the only transportation vehicle, so I ride it every day.
Do you belong to any biker associations?
Why did you decide to join?
Actually for me this is to close a circle, as I mentioned, my grandfather was one of the 11 bikers in the 1934 trip.
This is a photo from this trip, my grandfather is the third one from the right . This photo is hanging on my office wall.
Have you made friends with other bikers?
I have a couple of friends now riding a bike, but not in some kind of association or group.
Have you travelled outside Israel?
Unfortunately haven’t done yet.
Do you feel self-conscious about being Israel?
Sure, I served in the IDF for 6 years and I’m lieutenant colonel, this is a fact that explains my feeling about being an Israeli.
Do you feel self-conscious about being Jewish?
See the my answer below.
Have you encountered anti-Semitism?
Have you heard of the Maccabiah?
What do you know about the Maccabiah Games?
When I was a child, I used to go to the opening ceremony every year with my grandfather.
Have you heard about the journey that some bikers undertook to promote the Maccabiah Games?
Sure, Ziv Koren told me about it, when we met at a dinner last week. But the original story about the 11 bikers is the biggest childhood story that I was raised on.
What do you think is the significance of the Maccabiah Games taking place in Berlin?
I think that it’s a great gesture for all the guys that went for a long trip in order to bring Jewish athletes from Europe before the Holocaust.

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