Alexandros Lountzis

Greek Drone Pilot

Livia Herzog (Rosenkranz) was born in 1922 in Budapest/Hungary into a well to do and cultured family. Her father , Herzog Miksa, a mechanical engineer and deputy Director of the Suburban railroad of Budapest was also an accomplished violinist, her mother Vilma renounced a career as a pianist to raise her family.Her parents played in a quartet and staged plays for the pleasure of their friends and family on occasional parties given at their apartment.The attached photo was taken at such an occasion. She was 16 , beautiful and in love .In 1935 my grandfather was retired from his directorial post because he was Jewish and took up a second career as night editor of a magazine, which position he lost in 1939. My mother, 16 at the time, left school and became a seamstress and sole provider for the family.During the Nazi occupation, the whole family moved into a “Jewish House” that eventually came under “Papal Protection”. During a roundup Hungarian Nyilas took my mother together with other Jews to be trucked to the Danube and shot…

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